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iPSc generation | Stable cell line development service


Stable Cell Line Development Service
Celther Polska offers high quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective stable cell line generation service that meet your specific research needs. Based on many years' experience on cell line development, Celther cell culture scientists focus on optimizing all parameters specific to your cell lines to efficiently produce stable cell lines according to your specifications.

Process and options:
  •   Stable lines tailored for user-defined assays
  •   Stable transfection into cell line of your choice
  •   Cloning and mutagenesis
  •   Obtaining and sub-cloning gene into either an in-house expression vector as well as into an
      expression vector of your choice
  •   Sequence verification
  •   Cell selection (G418, neomycin, puromycin, etc )
  •   Colony isolation & screening
  •   Identify, validate and cryopreserve best and multiple back-up colonies
  •   Ready-to-Assay cells: cryopreserved cells for immediate assays without laborious tissue culture
  •   Test for Mycoplasma prior to shipping
  •   Send weekly updates and comprehensive final report
Prior to project initiation, we will work with you to tailor a proposal that meets your specific requirements under terms of a confidentiality agreement.
Our state-of-the-art labs are staffed by some of the best trained and most experienced subject matter experts in the field. Contact us today for a free consultation with the scientific team and discover how Celther can be a valuable resource and partner for your organization.
iPS cell line generation - Start your iPS cell research with
custom-made, high quality iPS cell lines
Recent studies have demonstrated the ability to reprogram adult fibroblasts into pluripotent stem cells by introducing key factors using viral vector technologies. Such induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) give a chance to boost the advancement of your stem cell research.
Celther R&D team provides iPS cell generation services that can be quickly and easily implemented. Our scientific team is an expert in stem cell biology, including reprogramming of somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Celther iPS cell generation services include:
  •   iPS cell lines generated from your model system
  •   iPS cell lines made using defined reprogramming factors
  •   Study the induced pluripotency process
  •   Measure mRNA and microRNA signatures
  •   Identify novel epigenetic markers to study pattern formation
  •   Develop directed differentiation protocols
Our extensive range of products allows for customization of individual transcription factors, cell culture conditions, and delivery systems for the optimization of reprogramming parameters.
Spheroidal Cell Culture Development
Celther offers 3D cultures development, which allow conducting preclinical tests which more closely refelect in vivo state..